"Etude For Two Pianos"
The Talented. The Dreamers. The Successful.

BNT Bulgarian National TV Documentary Movie
Premieres: 12.DEC 2016 (BG) | 25.DEC 2016 (World)

The Bulgarian National Television BNT presents „Contemporaries“ – the TV Documentary Series about the people, who will leave footprints.

Already two decades long Aglika Genova und Liuben Dimitrov are one of the most successful piano duos in the world. Brilliant interpreters and perfectionists, they are highly acclaimed by the audience from America through Asia, and from Europe through Africa. The movie of director Nikolay Vassilev reveals fascinating insights into the mutual life, both professional and private, of these two strong individuals. A life that began at the Sofia Music Academy in the class of Professors Julia and Konstantin Ganev and burgeoned in the class of Professor Vladimir Krainev at the Hanover University of Music. This is a movie about the shared love to the Music. About the reached synchrony, both in life and on stage. About the success and the difficult path to the top. About the mission to popularize the piano duo genre. About the inventing drive to present unknown music works. About the responsibility to teach. And about the feeling of fulfillment to be able to make other people happy. Cameraman is Borislav Georgiev, and script writer - Petya Panteva.